sauna at our guesthouse
Sauna has tons of health benefits, scandinavians know that, thats why they visit a sauna at least once a week. Here are a few point why you should try it too.

· Relieves stress

· Lowers anxiety

· Improves breathing quality

· Supports immunity and blood circulation

· Cleanses the body and skin

The visi of sauna also has its health and community rules. So how to use sauna properly in order to leave it fresh and relaxed without causing any faux paus?

· Shower before sauna

· Always sit on sheet or towel

· Dont talk much. If you need to, always whisper. Dont disturb any anyone from their relaxation

· Stay just as long as you are comfortable. 15 to 20 minutes is enough

· Keep the sauna at right temperature and moisture

· After you leave sauna always clean you face first, then take a shower and then go for a cold dip in the pool

· Always relax after every round of sauna


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