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vyšší brod

monastery vyšší brod
the southernmost point of the Czech Republic
We recommend visiting the southernmost point of the Czech Republic. It is located on the territory of the defunct municipality of Radvanov, in the cadastral territory of Dolní Drkolná, part of the town of Vyšší Brod (South Bohemian Region, Český Krumlov District) on the Czech-Austrian border.
The place is marked by a tall granite stone with a commemorative plaque, an information board, a border stone, a box with a stamp and a wooden stake marked "the southernmost point of the Czech Republic".
waterfalls st. Wolfgang
Don't forget a walk around the waterfalls of St. Wolfgang near Vyšší Brod. They are located on the smaller Vltavica and are actually extremely high cascades. Only some branches and steps of the upper "waterfall" can be called a real waterfall. You can get here along the Opatská path from Vyšší Brod following the yellow tourist sign. It is less than 2 km from the city center.
čertova stěna
Among the most visited places is also the Devil's Wall, i.e. a wild rock escarpment with granite boulders. An interesting legend is associated with this area - the devil tried to prevent the construction of a monastery in Vyšší Brod, but he failed, and in the end he lost his power, so he had to drop a boulder that he wanted to throw into the Vltava. Balvan was supposedly a sacred place of the ancient Slavs.

Rožmberk nad Vltavou

Rožmberk nad Vltavou
It is a city in the Šumava foothills in Český Krumlov that you must definitely visit. It really has its charm.
The historic core has been declared a city monument zone. 373 inhabitants live here. The city center is 23 km south of Český Krumlov and 7 km northeast of Vyšší Brod.
castle Rožmberk nad Vltavou
The local castle is first mentioned in writing in 1250. It was founded by the son of Vítek from Prčice from the Vítkov family. The town in the foothills was founded in 1262 by Vok from Rožmberk. Earlier, however, there was a settlement on the path from Netolic to Linz in the places of the lower Vltava ford. It then merged with the newly formed town.
In 1302, the Krumlov branch of the Vítkov family died out and the estate was taken over by the Rožmberk family. This family transferred its seat to Krumlov, but continued to maintain Rožmberk. After the death of Peter Vok v
in 1611, ownership of the estate passed to his nephew Jan Zrinski, later it was taken over by the Švamberk family.
But they own it only for a short time, because it was confiscated from them in 1620 for their participation in the estate uprising. The estate was taken over by the French noble Buquoy family, who owned it until 1945.

lipno nad vltavou

lipno nad vltavou
A well-known location that offers countless attractions. A cycling path, hiking trails, pedal boats, boats, hotels, restaurants, cafes, and all this right next to the dam, which many of us know by the nickname "South Bohemian Sea".
Vítkův Hrádek
The ruins of the highest castle in the Czech Republic. It dates from the second half of the 13th century and served until the middle of the 15th century. It also includes an observation tower from which you can see the most beautiful views of Lipno and other parts of Šumava and the Novohradské Mountains. And if the visibility is really good, you can see as far as the Alps.
lake Plešné
It is a glacial lake with an area of ​​7.5 hectares, which served to feed the Schwarzenberg Canal. The walk from Nová Peca around the canal is definitely worth it, it will take you to amazing nature.
Stezka korunami stromů
A unique attraction with a combination of entertainment and knowledge. The way to the top of the trail is lined with fun climbing frames and educational stops about the functioning of the forest. Children will be able to prove to you how brave they are, that they are not afraid of heights or riding the toboggan, which is a respectable 52 meters long. But you too will certainly appreciate the view from the forty-meter high tower over Lipno and its surroundings. And believe me, having the tops of the trees within reach is a real experience. The Treetop Trail is open year-round and hosts a variety of events.

Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov
is an extraordinary architectural gem in the middle of the beautiful nature of southern Bohemia. From the shadow of the winding streets, you can go straight to the castle, the beach and the ski slope.
It is not for nothing that Český Krumlov is proud of its inscription on the UNESCO list. A unique historical building winds around the meanders of the Vltava, a majestic castle overlooks the city. Unique
the architecture is complemented by museums, galleries and other cultural stands. The city's surroundings also hide a number of monuments: castles, chateaux, monasteries, ruins and the remains of Celtic settlements. Deep forests, vast natural parks, blue waters of ponds and rivers, remnants of Celtic settlements, ruins, castles, chateaux, monasteries, churches and chapels - all this and much more you can see while wandering through the beautiful countryside of Český Krumlov, no matter what route you take from Krumlov
world side.
The gastronomic scene in Český Krumlov has been growing and changing recently. Lovers of fine coffee will have their fill, you will find new bistros, but also classic pastry shops, restaurants with Czech and international cuisine.
Love, music, a magical city and great wine.
What could be more? Visit one of the festivals held annually in Český Krumlov.


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