Guesthouse U FOŘTA is a family project - mum, dad, two kids and their partners, few dogs and a few cats - that's us. We ventured into a challenging task of repairing an old house and giving a new life to its old, damp and sad walls. It sits in a beautiful bit of land, at the edge of Šumava mountains, close to Rožmberk nad Vltavou and it would be a shame not to share the joy this place has. The building has a long and strong history - same as the whole borderlands of Czech Republic - and you can feel the hint of old days within its walls. There used to be a German village and almost none of it was left after the war. Nowadays the houses around are being resurrected from their slumber, so the genius loci can be felt all around.

FOŘT in czech means a man who takes care of the wilderness of these lands. We are all nature lovers by heart and occupation, but the real FOŘT is our dad who's protecting the wilderness of these lands.

These borderlands forest, deep woods, beautiful Vltava river and the history woven into everything around these parts is nothing but to be loved and we would like if you could enjoy it with us.

Guesthouse U FOŘTA

as time goes by

In recent years, the guesthouse has undergone a huge transformation. We have built for you a beautiful and cozy space for perfect relaxation.


Guesthouse offers accomodation for 8 people in 2 rooms and 2 apartments.

Apartments – Spring and Fall, both apartments have its own bathroom, washroom and TVs. Spring has a queen size bed. Fall has full size bed and its accesible.

Rooms – Summer and Winter, both with queen size beds, bathrooms and washrooms.
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Come and enjoy your stay in a quiet and peaceful Southern Bohemia, close by to a historic town of Rožmberk nad Vltavou. Parking is available by the guesthouse.

Cyclists, hikers, hunters, groups of friends or just people who want to escape for a little bit. Everyone is welcomed and we'll be looking forward to meet you.
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+420 721 883 288

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